Municipality of Novi Bečej, heir of the Faro Convention

In the spirit of shared heritage: Exploration and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Municipality of Novi Bečej alongside the significance of European heritage. This section represents a thorough analysis of the cultural treasures that adorn our municipality, while emphasizing its connection to the broader European context. Discover the rich tradition, architectural beauty, and cultural events that shape the identity of our community as we explore how heritage and innovation can together enrich our future. Through diverse texts, we delve into not only the wealth of heritage surrounding us but also the ways in which we preserve, revitalize, and share it with the world, bridging the past, present, and future.

Novi Bečej Municipality


The European Heritage Days are one of the most widely embraced events with the participation of the largest number of Europeans. The Council of Europe initiated the program in 1985, and in 1999, the European Commission joined, leading to the creation of this joint program that continues to this day. By bringing together over twenty million visitors each year, the European Heritage Days contribute year after year to the mutual understanding of the citizens of the old continent, fostering a better understanding of their own cultural and natural heritage, as well as acquainting them with the values and diversity of the heritage of other nations.

Every September, European Heritage Days are celebrated in 50 European countries that are signatories to the European Cultural Convention. During this time, the doors of many sites, cultural-historical entities, and monuments that are not usually fully accessible are opened, encouraging citizens to creatively engage in their improvement and preservation for future generations. The programs within this event highlight local values, tradition, knowledge, skills, architecture, and art, providing an opportunity for citizens, despite cultural and linguistic differences, to get to know and understand each other.

This year, Serbia joined the Council of Europe's initiative to celebrate the European Heritage Days across Europe with the common theme of Cultural Heritage and Communities. It is based on the principles of the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (Faro, 2005), which emphasizes the importance of the role communities play in managing their cultural heritage, highlighting its values and potentials as resources for sustainable development and improving quality of life. The Convention introduces the concept of Heritage Communities, consisting of individuals who value certain aspects of cultural heritage that they wish to preserve and transmit to future generations through public action.

Highly appreciating the commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication to preserving and presenting the rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage within its territory, the Municipality of Novi Bečej has been chosen as the place where this year's theme will be best promoted. From representatives of local government to citizen associations and individual initiatives, always establishing substantive cooperation with institutions responsible for protecting cultural heritage, the citizens of the Municipality of Novi Bečej are united around the common goal of striving to improve their lives and the lives of their descendants, carefully caring for the testimonies of their past.

The potential offered by heritage is enormous and can benefit everyone. By building capacity, knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm at the local level, involving children and youth, as well as citizens belonging to the oldest generations in the processes of its revitalization, the lasting preservation of cultural and natural heritage is ensured in the best possible way, enriching the tourist offer that contributes to the community's well-being and providing the best practices for its long-term protection.

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