On the waves of the Tisa: A historical view of the past of the city of Novi Bečej

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Town on the Tisa

Commemorative plaque marking the 900th anniversary of the first written document about our town, installed in the summer of 1991 on the walls of the town on the TisaThe town on the Tisa (the ruins of the fortress) is located about one kilometer northwest of the center of Novi Bečej. It lies on the left bank of the Tisa River between the 67th and 68th kilometers from the confluence of the Tisa River into the Danube. In fragments from the history of the Bečej fortress in 1991, Dr. Aleksandar Kaša wrote the following about the Bečej fortress: "Thanks to the meticulousness of engineer Kolet (Colett), we have preserved a description and plan of the Bečej fortress, which is now kept in the Kriks archive in Vienna, and which was rescued from oblivion by Rudolf Šmit, writing about this town. According to them, Bečej was a typical medieval water town." The fortress (town on the Tisa) was completely demolished in 1701 according to the decision of the Sremsko-Karlovac peace treaty of 1699.

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