On the waves of the Tisa: A historical view of the past of the city of Novi Bečej

Discover the history and spirit of Novi Bečej through the visual treasury of the past 120 years. Our publication provides a unique opportunity to get a more complete picture of life in our city through documents, photos and postcards. Sail into the past and feel the pulse of its culture, trade and important personalities. Available to all lovers of local history!

Discover 'Pollet's legacy: From Istvan Vagner's primitive brickyard to Mihajl Bon Jr.'s thriving factory. Quality bricks and tiles since 1947.


"Polet" Istvan Vagner was the owner of the primitive brickyard in Turskobec until 1922. At that time, Mihajl Bon Jr. purchased the brickyard and gradually transformed it into a proper brick and tile factory. His father, Mihajl Bon Sr., the founder, established several brickyards in these areas. He founded a brickyard in Kikinda in 1866 and 1867, and in Zombolj in 1884.

After the Second World War, Bon's factory was named Toza Marković, and from the summer of 1947, under the name "Pollet," it successfully continued the production of bricks and tiles. In the 1960s, it expanded its product range with molds, blocks, and keramzit. In addition to the well-established and high-quality production of coarse ceramics, "Polet" established a factory for ceramic tiles in 1980.

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