Heroic struggle and resistance: Anti-fascist spirit in Banat 1941–1945

National liberation struggle, organized resistance and courage: A look at the anti-fascist movement in Banat during the Second World War. An investigation of the geographical, political and social conditions that shaped the struggle against the Nazi occupation, with an emphasis on the role of partisan units, local cooperation and the challenges of the lack of war materials. A depiction of the heroism and sacrifices of young fighters in the fight for freedom and justice.

Ruža Šulman (1917–1941)

Ruža Šulman (1917–1941)

Roža Šulman was a revolutionary and participant in the People's Liberation Struggle. She was born on January 6, 1917, in Veliki Bečkerek. There she completed primary school and a three-year academy. She quickly became acquainted with leftist ideas and joined the Communist Youth Organization.

Ruža Šulman (1917–1941)She met Koča Kolarov in 1936 and joined the Communist Youth League. She participated in various party activities, which led to her arrest in 1937. She was admitted to the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in 1938, after which she intensified her work. She was arrested again, along with several of her party comrades in 1940. At that time, she was already engaged to Kolarov, and the police pressured and beat her to reveal information about her future husband. She did not give any information and was released after several days of interrogation. Roža Šulman was brave and defiant, refusing to speak even to Nazi interrogators who tortured her after her arrest on July 23, 1941. She was executed alongside Koča Kolarov, Aldan, Arsenov, and Franko at Bošnjakov's farm on July 26, 1941. A street in Zrenjanin is named after her, as well as the settlement formed around that street.

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