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There is an anecdote that Vladimir Pap fondly remembers from his early days at the Zrenjanin post office. It actually emphasizes the importance of the post office in a populated place.
There is no populated place without a PRIEST - POSTMAN - AND ONLY THEN WITHOUT A DOCTOR.

Among the post office employees in Novi Bečej, it was known that the mail carrier, Uncle Živa Jovanov, likes to have a drink or two while delivering letters. To preserve the institution's reputation and the dignity of its employee, the manager, Živa Tapavički, came up with the following solution.
He ordered Jovanov to carry an empty one-liter bottle with him while delivering letters, so whenever offered brandy, wine, or beer, he should not drink it but pour it into that bottle.
And so it was. When Jovanov returned to the office after completing his work, he reported to the manager with a full bottle of mixed beverages. At that moment, Živa Tapavički poured a portion of the content from the bottle into a glass and offered Jovanov to drink it. Only after the manager's insistence did Jovanov take a sip, exclaiming with a terrible grimace that it couldn't be drunk. "Well, how come you can't drink it now?! Do you know that the same content is in your stomach every day! It didn't bother you then?" Laughter erupted throughout the office, and, indeed, for some time, Živa Jovanov avoided alcohol.

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