Theodore Pavlovic - Life, Work, and Legacy: The Complete Story of the Serbian Intellectual

In the depths of Serbian history, Theodore Pavlovic stands as a pillar of intellectual richness and national dedication. His life, intertwined with the strength of character and deep love for his people, tells a story of relentless effort and commitment that guided him through all challenges and obstacles. Born at a time when the Serbian people were seeking their identity, Pavlovic emerged as a prominent member of society, recognized for his exceptional talent and leadership abilities.

Jakov Ignjatović, a writer, writes in his Memoirs about Pavlović

"T. Pavlović was particularly meticulous in selecting materials. He was a true censor, deleting, adding, until he gave his approval for anything to be printed... I wrote about that church, about the Serbian colony in Kovin (referring to Serbian Kovin on the island of Čepel on the Danube in Hungary — Note by LM), and I included that Hungarian song. I brought it to Toša Pavlović, he took it, read it, nodded approvingly, it was clear he liked it... My dear pigeon, but this needs to pass revision, let it stay here, I'll see... Again for the love of T. Pavlović, whom I greatly respected for his sincerity and love for his people...

"Pavlović was highly esteemed by Naka Sentmikluški, as well as by Čarnojević, and whoever was intimate with Pavlović was also intimate with Čarnojević (referring to Petar Čarnojević, count and grand župan - Note by LM) was well known, undoubtedly, because even before the uprising when the dispute between the Tekelijan Factory and the widow Sava Tekelija escalated greatly, Čarnojević, with his powerful influence, greatly supported the Factory which was represented legally by Stojaković..."

"I greatly respected Pavlović for his sincerity and love for his people..."

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