Diversity and Wealth of the Municipality of Novi Bečej: Geographic Monograph with Overview of Natural Characteristics, Population, Economy, and Settlements

Explore the deeply rooted natural charms and economic potentials of the Municipality of Novi Bečej through a comprehensive geographical monograph. Familiarize yourself with fascinating aspects of the terrain, geology, climate, water bodies, flora, and fauna, while simultaneously delving into vibrant settlements and diverse industries. This informative book provides valuable insights into the richness of this unique Vojvodina region, offering a broad spectrum of information useful for education, regional planning, and preserving local identity.


Through years of collaboration between the Institute of Geography at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Novi Sad and the Self-Governing Interest Community for Scientific Work of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the creation of geographical monographs for the municipalities of Vojvodina is realized. This significant endeavor is undertaken by a team of geographers and scientific researchers from Vojvodina. Each study provides an overview of the natural characteristics and economy of a specific municipality. The geographical monograph of Novi Bečej represents a modest contribution to this series of scientific works, which will have a manifold significance upon the completion of the entire project, i.e., after processing all the municipalities in our Province.

The geographical study of the Novi Bečej municipality consists of two parts. In the first part, alongside the geographical location, natural features of the area are presented (relief, geological and pedological composition, climate, water, flora and fauna), as well as population and economy. In the second part, settlements within the municipality are discussed. Thanks to such content, the book can have a diverse range of applications. Teachers and older students can find it useful in the process of familiarizing themselves with the natural and economic characteristics of the municipality, or the immediate region. The book, with its suitable style and content, is intended for readers of different ages and educational levels. Some of its parts can also be beneficial in the regional spatial planning of the Novi Bečej subregion, in discovering possibilities for more versatile and adequate utilization of the natural conditions that this region offers for the development of specific economic sectors. Its content can also be applied in the communal defense of the municipality and certain settlements within it. Finally, this book can serve as a suitable gift to the best students and workers in the municipality, as well as to those who come to this community as business partners and collaborators.

In the years of collecting data and various documentary materials for this work, I have encountered wholehearted assistance from the Municipality Assembly, all working organizations and institutions, and many individuals. Therefore, I take this opportunity to sincerely and warmly thank everyone for all they have done. I extend special thanks to my closest collaborators in this project, my colleagues Professor Sava Glavaški and Radoslav Stojšin, and economist Stevan Škrbić. I am exceptionally grateful to the reviewers who have reviewed the work and provided very useful advice for its improvement. Finally, I am thankful to the Self-Governing Interest Community for Scientific Work of Vojvodina and the Municipality Assembly of Novi Bečej, which financed this work and enabled its publication.

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