Diversity and Wealth of the Municipality of Novi Bečej: Geographic Monograph with Overview of Natural Characteristics, Population, Economy, and Settlements

Explore the deeply rooted natural charms and economic potentials of the Municipality of Novi Bečej through a comprehensive geographical monograph. Familiarize yourself with fascinating aspects of the terrain, geology, climate, water bodies, flora, and fauna, while simultaneously delving into vibrant settlements and diverse industries. This informative book provides valuable insights into the richness of this unique Vojvodina region, offering a broad spectrum of information useful for education, regional planning, and preserving local identity.

Physical-Geographical Overview

A comprehensive geographical monograph of each subregion in Vojvodina encompasses natural-geographical and socio-geographical characteristics of a specific area. To better understand the emergence and economic development of the municipality of Novi Bečej, it is crucial to first acquaint ourselves with the physical-geographic features of this Vojvodina regional unit, representing the natural conditions for economic development.

From a natural standpoint, the territory of the Novi Bečej municipality essentially exhibits a Pannonian, flatland physical-geographic profile. Its relief, climatic, and hydrographic features share similarities with the natural-geographic traits of neighboring and other subregions in Vojvodina. However, through a more detailed analysis of all physical-geographic factors and elements, partial differences are observed. These differences can influence, positively or negatively, the development of specific economic sectors and overall economic progress. Therefore, this chapter will present the geomorphological, geological, climatic, hydrographic, bio-geographic, and pedological features of this part of the Vojvodina region.

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