Diversity and Wealth of the Municipality of Novi Bečej: Geographic Monograph with Overview of Natural Characteristics, Population, Economy, and Settlements

Explore the deeply rooted natural charms and economic potentials of the Municipality of Novi Bečej through a comprehensive geographical monograph. Familiarize yourself with fascinating aspects of the terrain, geology, climate, water bodies, flora, and fauna, while simultaneously delving into vibrant settlements and diverse industries. This informative book provides valuable insights into the richness of this unique Vojvodina region, offering a broad spectrum of information useful for education, regional planning, and preserving local identity.

Chemical Industry

The youngest branch of industry in the municipality is the chemical industry. Currently, the only operating organization in this field is "Biser" Kumane. Operating since 1980 with very modest capacities and working conditions, this factory produces cleaning agents in powder, liquid, paste, and solid detergent forms. The total range of such products comprises 11 units.

This economic organization has around 60 employees, with a satisfactory qualification structure. Six workers have higher education qualifications, two have higher vocational education, and 23 have secondary vocational education. The remaining workforce consists of 20 skilled and 10 unskilled workers. In terms of gender structure, female labor predominates, accounting for about two-thirds of the workforce.

The major challenge for the organization is ensuring an adequate supply of raw materials. The construction of a new fatty acids and petroleum derivatives factory, "Alkamin," in Novi Bečej is expected to overcome this crucial issue. Through mutual complementation of production and the opening of a new plant in Novi Milošev, the chemical industry in the municipality is poised to occupy a more prominent position among other branches of industry.

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