The hundred-year legacy and educational journey of Miloje Čiplić Elementary School in Novi Bečej, documented through a monograph that reveals its history, community contributions, and lasting impact on generations of education.

Explore the hundred-year evolution of Miloje Čiplić Elementary School in Novi Bečej through comprehensive monographs that trace its development since its founding in 1908, highlighting significant milestones, community contributions, and continuous impact on education. Emphasizing a lasting legacy that inspires future generations within the local community.

Mayor's Welcome Speech

If I were a historian or perhaps a poet, I would write a story or a poem for this occasion, but I am just a man who has always enjoyed celebrations. I am happy that this precious date has become a holiday for this school.

I have heard from our elders stories about their schooling in classrooms located here and there, in Vranjevo and Novi Bečej, until exactly a hundred years ago, when in the heart of the town, a magnificent building emerged - the new school, which stands in the same place today, as beautiful as ever.

Мilivоје VrеbаlоvYears, wars, storms passed by it, educational goals and content changed, professors and teachers rotated. Between chalkboards, slates, and computers in modern classrooms, an entire century unfolded.

Everything has changed except the building and the students who have always eagerly entered it to learn how to conquer the world. Thousands of years into the sky are the result of acquired knowledge right here in this school.

Although I was not a student of your school, today, as a man who truly loves this town, together with my sons who sit in the desks of your school, I rejoice in the holiday we all celebrate together and join in a toast in honor of longevity, but also in honor of all those who, by writing the letter "A" on the board, slate, in notebooks, or on the computer, those who stood beside their unsure hands at that time, and those who erased the desks after them, have enriched this town with many honest and learned people.

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