The hundred-year legacy and educational journey of Miloje Čiplić Elementary School in Novi Bečej, documented through a monograph that reveals its history, community contributions, and lasting impact on generations of education.

Explore the hundred-year evolution of Miloje Čiplić Elementary School in Novi Bečej through comprehensive monographs that trace its development since its founding in 1908, highlighting significant milestones, community contributions, and continuous impact on education. Emphasizing a lasting legacy that inspires future generations within the local community.


One hundred years of existence — how grand and magnificent it sounds. Certainly, such an anniversary obliges us to leave a written trace of this significant milestone through this monograph dedicated to all those who have passed through our school over these hundred years.

Looking from a historical distance, a period of a hundred years represents a very significant era during which this institution can narrate numerous beautiful stories, based on archival material and historical facts. What marks the centenary of our school's existence is the presence of a rich past, a part of which we have attempted to recount through this monograph.

Documenting the history of the school and its past life through a monograph is necessary for the generations to come, as a memory of all that we pride ourselves on from days gone by to the present.

Zоricа GаrčеvTraditionally, our school has been attended by multiple generations of students from the same families, each generation carrying a rich and positive experience that they pass on to future generations. The school fosters respect for diversity, mutual respect, and tolerance, aiming to encourage the personal development of every student and the personal responsibility of all participants in the educational process.

Throughout its years of existence, the school has instilled in those who have passed through its halls the values of respect, love, tolerance, honor, and dedication, which continue to form the basis of relationships among people to this day.

Through this monograph, we aim to convey the lessons, feelings, and impressions of past times, which are our legacy to proudly uphold because we are part of a magnificent centuries-old history that is something to be proud of.

Since its inception, educators at the school have refined their acquired knowledge through various experiences and passed it down through generations, building universal values in them while also fostering creativity in children, contributing to their development.

The entire educational process is grounded in good experiences from the past but is also always aligned with the contemporary trends of society, as demanded by the socio-economic conditions of the moment.

The development of our educational institution extends not only through one century but also spans the end of one millennium and the beginning of another, which is a great responsibility towards future generations, but also a great source of pride because a significant part of history is woven into the magnificent structure celebrating its hundredth birthday.

We believe that our school operates well, evidenced by achieving very good results, having well-equipped IT classrooms, a school radio that replaces internal communication, solidly equipped classrooms and cabinets, a gymnasium, and access to facilities at the Sports Center. The school library houses over twenty thousand units of library material and includes a media library. Most importantly, we have a highly qualified teaching staff.

We face everyday challenges that are an integral part of school life and work without significant difficulties, thanks to the joint support of our employees and dear students.

We have never believed that we operate flawlessly, but we strive to encourage all students to diligently work towards constant improvement, fostering a positive outlook on their future to become worthy members of the community. After completing elementary school, our students continue their education, finding their paths in life, marked by the ideals of honest and hardworking individuals and citizens.

As the central school in the municipality of Novi Bečej with the largest number of students, we achieve success in various competitions at the local, district, republican, and international levels, showing respect and special attention to those employees and students who have earned a good reputation for our educational institution.

This monograph is full of emotions and thoughts related to the past, present, and future of our school, and we hope it will provide a complete picture, or at least a partially complete one, as one cannot fully capture everything about a century of life and work in our institution, about the present built on the foundations of the past, and about the cornerstone of the future.

I would like to thank all those who have left their mark in the rich history of our school, who have contributed to its affirmation through the past and present, leaving it as a legacy for future generations to continue on this path and promote this institution into a bright future.

The history of our school, woven into this monograph with golden letters, is part of the rich history of our town, which, as such, has much to be proud of.

Thank you to all those who have been, are now, or will be a part of its history. This jubilee is unique and very important to all of us, and likewise, thanks to those who have made it possible for this monograph to see the light of day and perpetuate something as significant as celebrating the centenary of our school.

Special thanks to the Provincial Secretariat for Education and Culture and the local self-government for enabling us to commemorate this significant anniversary through this monograph.

We dedicate this monograph to all those who love this school or have cherished memories of it. Therefore, read it with pride and flip through its pages with love.

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