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Mr. Ladislav Gulović (1881-1967)

Mr. Ladislav Gulović (1881-1967)

Ladislav Gulović wasn't born in Novi Bečej, but with forty years spent in our town, working in his pharmacy, he remained in the memory of several generations of our residents as a skilled master of his pharmaceutical craft. He graduated in pharmacy in Budapest at the beginning of the 20th century, around 1906. He worked in several cities in European countries, including Belgrade.

In the mid-1910s, he opened his own pharmacy in Osijek. After getting married, at the insistence of his wife Irene Veber, who wanted to be close to Žombolja, they came to Novi Bečej in 1924. That same year, he bought a house along with the furnishings of the first Novi Bečej pharmacy from 1802 (formerly owned by pharmacists Ferenc Bizek, Armin Bizek, Robert Turna, later Deže Bizek), located on the main street at number 21, from the well-known wealthy Vranjevački landlord Svetozar Veselinov.

Since the pharmacy was located in the house where he lived, it implied that even after working hours, it would open its doors, or rather, the window for emergencies. Novi Bečej residents in need of medication knew which window to knock on to get their life-saving elixir. At any time of night and on holidays, the townsfolk were at ease because Pharmacist Mr. Gulović always opened the window. He always appeared serious, somewhat stern, but behind that demeanor hid the gentle nature of a cheerful spirit who wholeheartedly assisted his fellow citizens.

After World War II, the new authorities confiscated the pharmacy and a portion of the land, which faced another street. He was deeply embittered by this, but as a wise and rational man, he managed to negotiate with the People's Committee of the Novi Bečej municipality to continue operating the pharmacy. Since 1954, the pharmacy and the confiscated portion of the house have been considered social property, and only in 1974 was it registered in favor of the Novi Bečej Health Center.

Mr. Ladislav Gulović retired in 1962, leaving his place to his pharmacy student, pharmacist Draginja Koledin-Ekica, who, since 1956, besides her academic knowledge, gained valuable experience from the old pharmacist. For his steadfast and impeccable service, he was awarded the VAŠ diploma in Budapest in the late 1950s.

Mr. Gulović had his daily rituals; he smoked a pipe in the morning, while in the afternoon, he enjoyed puffing on a cigar. In his backyard, he had a small jogging track and a pull-up bar where he regularly did chin-ups. Almost every afternoon, he would hop on his bike and head to the Tisa River to spend an hour rowing his single scull. In the pharmacy, he appeared more often in tracksuits than in a white coat. Tracksuits were his attire, and he rarely wore proper attire, perhaps only when he visited lawyer Jeremija Zlatar to congratulate him on his patron saint day.

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