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Lazar Mečkić

Lazar Mečkić

Lazar Mečkić was born in the village of Kumane on September 8, 1917, and moved to Novi Bečej with his parents in 1928. He completed primary and secondary school in Novi Bečej, and then pursued higher education in economics in Belgrade.

In 1946, he moved to Zrenjanin and began working at the Sugar Factory. Shortly after, he was employed in the Ministry of Industry's office, where he remained for five years before moving to work in Kaštele, then Pančevo, and back to Belgrade in the office of the Federal Chamber of Commerce. He also worked as a representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Yugoslavia in Budapest.

Throughout his career as an economist, Mečkić published over 250 articles and economic commentaries in various professional journals. He authored around twenty studies, including one on the development of the glass industry in Yugoslavia. His work was regularly featured in economic policy publications.

Upon retiring at the age of sixty, Lazar Mečkić devoted himself to promoting local culture through research and writing. He authored ten books, including "History of Glassmaking in Yugoslavia" and "Memories of My Travels," which was published earlier this year.

Mečkić received significant recognition for his contributions, including the Order of Labor with a Golden Wreath, the Silver Plaque of the Chamber of Commerce of Yugoslavia, the SEV Commemorative Medal, and the October Award of the Novi Bečej Municipal Assembly. He was also proud of his membership in the Matica Srpska.

As a child, Mečkić was fascinated by painting and created his first picture of Novi Bečej from the Bačka side. He began seriously pursuing painting at the age of fifty-four and produced over eight hundred watercolors and oil paintings, including two hundred views of Novi Bečej and Vranjevo. His first solo exhibition in 1979, titled "Years and Desires," held at the Gallery of the Chamber of Commerce of Yugoslavia, reflected his early emotional connections to painting and childhood dreams.

In issue no. 27-28/2006 of "Zavičajac," Dejan Bošnjak, a retired teacher and member of the editorial board, wrote about Mečkić's creative, literary, and artistic work, accompanied by two of his paintings.

Thanks to D. Bošnjak's efforts, we have comprehensive material for the biography of our fellow countryman, Lazar Mečkić, whom we congratulate on his ninetieth birthday on behalf of the Zrenjanin Homeland Society.

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