Post office staff in Novi Bečej

Post office staff in Novi Bečej

From this post-war period, the first person to mention is the longtime manager of the Novi Bečej post office, Živa Tapavički, born in 1923 in Elemir. After completing his education, he started working at the post office in Kikinda. Later, in 1949, he moved to Mokrin and took over as the manager of the local post office. His next position was at the Kikinda post office, where he worked as the manager of the railway traffic post. From that position, as an experienced postal official, he came to Novi Bečej in 1955 and took over the position of post office manager from Olgica Sudarski, born Milankov.

Živa Tapavički was a traditional-style manager and an active member of socio-political organizations. He was a member of the Management Board and the first president of the Workers' Council of the Zrenjanin PTT Traffic Company in 1960. He retired in the late seventies of the 20th century. His wife, Vera Gedošev, was born in Vranjevo in 1928 and worked in the post office as early as 1945 when the post office was located in the Luxeder house. The Tapavički family lived in the post office building for a while (in the adapted house of lawyer Šafranj), and after the introduction of the automatic exchange, they lived in an apartment next to the Tisa River. The second adaptation of the post office took place in 1963 when an automatic exchange was introduced and expanded from the initial sixty lines to 200. During that time, the post office operated in the premises of the Bora Glavaš agricultural cooperative (from April/May to the end of December), located at the site of today's residential building next to the post office.

Vladimir Pap was born in 1941 in Đurđevo. After completing high school, he worked in Zrenjanin and later in Novi Sad in 1959. After completing military service in 1963, he came to Novi Bečej to work as a teleprinter operator at the Novi Bečej post office. Vladimir Pap later worked as a controller (1974–1977) and, after Živa Tapavički's retirement, took over the position of post office manager, retiring from that position in 1997.

In addition to the aforementioned officials, the following officials also worked at the post office from 1955 onwards:
Vladimir Leović – telegraphist (Morse code), Erna Đorđević and her husband, Kiš Marton Gizela, Žarko Lazarević – distributor, Živa Jovanov, Mirjana Galetin, born Mirkov, Katica Tarabić, Živa Sudarski, Svetislav Kurbanjev – "R" counter, Vladimir Pap – teleprinter operator. The mail carriers were: Ilija Kovačev, Jovan Kolarov, Živa Ostojić, Žarko Lazarević. The steam boiler stoker was Čedomir Vrebalov, and the cleaner was Božica Kuzmanović.
Postal items were carried by horse and cart from the post office to the railway station or vice versa, and postal carriers used their personal bicycles for delivering and collecting letters from mailboxes.
In the early sixties of the 20th century, the Zrenjanin post office introduced a postal van for transporting postal items.

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